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Kenworth T680
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Kenworth T680 va boshqa turlari muammolari,yechimlari savvollar haqida.
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Signature Series Edition
The Kenworth 100 Wheels in Durablack or Polished Aluminum are available for all Kenworth trucks, along with the Kenworth Century Paint Collection in:
Century Black Red Metallic
Century Platinum Metallic
Century Red Metallic and Century Gold Metallic
Each Kenworth 100 seat is marked by a Kenworth 100 woven label.
Sleeper trim, cab doorpads, steering wheel and seats.
Sleeper badge applied to both driver and passenger side of sleeper.
GT703 seats with Kenworth red contrast stitching and woven label.

Advanced Technology
The T680 incorporates an array of ingenious technologies and design elements that enhance the driving experience, focusing on safety, efficiency, and driver satisfaction. These intelligent systems enable informed decisions, continuous connectivity, and a tailored work environment.

Kenworth NavPlus®, integrated into the T680's dashboard, offers cutting-edge telematics, navigation, diagnostics, and business system features accessible via a 7-inch high-resolution color screen. Among its productivity tools, NavPlus® seamlessly merges wireless, hands-free calling with nationwide coverage.
Why Choose the T680 Signature Edition?
With custom exterior trim and added interior comfort, the T680 Signature Edition celebrates 100 years of Kenworth's quality engineering and technological advancements. As a company that prides itself on the safety and comfort of drivers, this model offers unique components that you won't find in any other Kenworth truck.
Custom Sleeper Options
This 76-inch sleeper is the ultimate truck for drivers. It offers a modern, spacious, and sophisticated interior with customizable options that enhance the driving experience. Beyond its practicality, it's also a perfect space to work or unwind, offering numerous home-like amenities that ensure added comfort.


Rotating dining table
Mount for TV
Extra cabinet storage
Drawer-style fridge/freezer
Wardrobe cabinet
Kenworth's 52-inch sleeper provides a welcoming retreat for driver's with overnight layovers. With a width of 94 inches, a comfortable passage, and standing room, it offers an elegant, supremely comfortable space any time.


TV mounting
Ample lighting
Additional storage
Sleeper control panel
Adjustable bunk
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